Photoshoot 101: "I'm thinking about a photo shoot but..."

But.. But What?

"But I've never modeled before." "But I'm not skinny enough or don't have a model body." "But I would look awkward and the photos won't be good.""But..."

There is no but. A photo shoot is for anyone who wants to feel good about themselves and look beautiful in photos. A photo shoot is for someone who wants professional edited and updated photos of themselves FOR themselves. It shouldn't be about what anyone else thinks. It should be for you.

I shoot with many people who have never shot before and want to explore the photography and modeling world! I also shoot with plenty of people who haven't done many shoots and want to gain the experience and build their personal portfolio. And those who want to think outside of the box or push their photography boundaries. And I always try to make it clear that the photos should be for you!

If you're thinking about a photo shoot, just go for it! Feel good about yourself and the photographer will do their job and create beautiful images! It's always fun to try something new out and in the end the results will be good. If you have questions regarding a photo shoot or being new to modeling, send me a message below!

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