Chicago Portrait Photographer: Ash in Downtown Chicago

So, I took a recent trip up to the windy city and had the pleasure of networking with a few local models. Ash had met me at my hotel on a very muggy/rainy day. After waiting out the misty rain for an hour we managed to find sunlight and captured some great shots!

It was really a great time walking the streets and over to Grant park to capture some portraits in a totally foreign city. I hope to one day link up again, in Chicago, South Florida, or wherever the future brings us. Best of luck to you Ash and I hope everyone can enjoy these shots!


P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts, it has been a very hectic month with travels and the birthday :)



Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I took a mini trip to Chicago.

I'll be posting (hopefully) this weekend but you'll definiely see some updated photos coming early next week!

Here are a few street photos I took so far, enjoy!


Miami Portrait Photographer: Manuela fitness in North Miami

I've known Manuela for years, over the past few years she took her fitness and health life very seriously and her body has transformed beautifully.

We decided to set up a 'fitness' style shoot but... not in a typical gym location. As much of a mess the heat and wind were that day, it all worked out! (no pun intended)

It was my pleasure working with you and I'm glad you liked the end result!


Miami Portrait Photographer: Painted & Abandoned - Florida City, Fl. (NSFW... kind of)

Where to even begin with this shoot? This was fun!

We took on the abandoned Aerojet Miami facility in the heat of the summer (lets say 90 degrees). The location was about two miles from where we parked making it a challenge... We had to walk these two miles with my full camera bag, tripod bag (flash gear), backpack with 12 bottles of tempura paint, her bag (with towels, clothes, etc.), a broom, and 4 gallons of water.

After dodging all the grasshoppers along the walk, cleaning the building area, & painting her, these are the results. Here's to the most adventurous & fun shoot to date (Not to mention the blisters from the walk)!

I hope you enjoy this set!

Prints available soon? Possibly!